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We create handcrafted candles that provide pure magic combined with the fabulous fragrance you should expect!

The Story of
Kromara Candles

Experience the WOW of pure magic

We are a family owned company that carefully designs and handcrafts all of our candles in a studio, in a small town, just outside of Cleveland, Ohio.

Our hope is that we bring a little magic, that brings a smile and spreads joy throughout your home.

Kromara was founded to honor a father’s love, legacy, and life.

For more than 25 years our founder tinkered, perfected, imagined and created the magic behind our candles, guided by the power and support of a loving family and a passion to transform the ordinary, the everyday, into a life extraordinary.

Today we are honored to share his legacy, that love for a father, for our families and the gift of innovation with families around the world.


ColorSine™ is our proprietary technology that was designed and developed in Akron, Ohio. The technology was designed to not only magically shift the color of candle wax but to also confirm the performance and formulation of a candle. We have carefully crafted our proprietary wax blend and engaged with world-renowned perfumers to craft ColorSine™ in a variety of color combinations, sizes, and appearances.

Our candles, made with ColorSine™ Technology, let you visually see when the candle is at its optimal peak, giving a rich color, and providing you the ultimate fragrance performance. ColorSine™ Colors and color combinations will build and grow in saturation as the wax pool grows. The fragrance releases top, middle and bottom notes to connect your olfactory with your visual senses. As an example, our hand crafted wax blended with selected fragrance and ColorSine™ could start out as a cream color or gold or grey and change to red or blue or green; as the candle initially burns it might appear pink, light blue or light green in color but as the wax pool grows, it will darken to a vibrant red, blue or green indicating the candle and the fragrance type matches our color combination as a whole achieving maximum performance.

For the first time your eyes can see what your nose senses.  Your candles performance is real and you’re not guessing if the fragrance is being delivered into the room.

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