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Light a candle, breathe in, and journey to some of the most remote forests on the planet that bring tranquility to our world.

Côte d’Azur

Stroll into the warm coastal climate of the Mediterranean. Deep in the woodsy oak forests, gaze up through the thick canopy at the deep blue sky, indulge in the milky sweetness of luscious figs, and settle in for a moment of peace.

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Breeze into the Cloud Forests of Costa Rica. Glide along the elevated suspension bridges through the lush, crisp green canopy of this dreamy forest, where you can literally walk through the clouds and magnify your senses.

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Drift into the southern tip of the Andaman Islands, between the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea off the coast of India. Experience the red corals reefs, the subtle woodsy notes of the dense forest, and take a deep breath of  jasmine from one of the most remote locations on the planet.

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Omg I love this!!! It smells soooo good AND my man agrees (he usually gets annoyed by the scents I choose lol!). And the color change had all my friends flipping out!! So, I’m stocking up to give these as my welcome gifts this summer when we have friends and fam coming into town.

Theresa Farrell (Los Angeles, CA)

From opening the box through watching the color change; I really enjoyed the new candle experience. The scent is pleasant and not overbearing. Kudos for taking the next step of combining visual with aroma!

Julie (Ohio)

From the time I opened the shipping box, I couldn’t believe what a visual experience it was.  The box is a mood onto itself.  Great artwork on it.  Love the whimsy.  I can definitely keep the unused candles in this pretty box till I need them.  Very convenient.  The candles are so unique and create a cool vibe.  I couldn’t keep from staring at the candle as it gradually changes color.  I’d like a candle in every color combination now to help set the mood in my house.

Linda B (Ohio)

What sets this candle apart is the unique color changing technology. The candle appears as a normal, wax candle, but upon lighting it, the wax changes to a vibrant color. It also emits a lovely smell that fills a room. Once put out, the candle returns to its original color. I’ve never had another candle like this. I’d recommend everyone gives Kromara candles a try!

Amelia (26, Cleveland)

These candles smell amazing and are truly one of a kind! Every time you burn it, the color changes again and I am blown away. The candles also burn very cleanly and evenly. Plus, there’s different colors to choose from, so you can choose based on your mood or what room you want it in the house! I would highly recommend to anyone who loves candles and anyone who wants to surprise their friends or family with this unique gift!!

Lexi (Ohio)

This product is amazing!! I would definitely recommend 😊. The candle is authentic and unique. It changes colors and it smells fantastic! Plus it’s a great deal!! Make sure to buy!

Caitlyn H (Ohio)