Introducing The Aliens Collection

A partnership between Kromara candles and renowned artist
Jumper Maybach, to celebrate love, peace, and happiness.

the aliens collection, jumper maybach candle set


Express yourself with our unique luxury candles

When you purchase a Jumper Maybach® x Kromara® candles, you join a movement seeking to end hate and spread LOVE!

A portion of the proceeds from every purchase goes to support charities working to end bullying, intolerance, and hate in the world.

The set is sold in a premium box.

the bold expression of art and love

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Sold individually or as a set

Aliens in the Ocean


Created to highlight and celebrate the vast unknowns of the deep oceans of our mysterious home planet.

Color: Cream to Blue
Fragrance: Oak + Fig + Rose

Aliens Among Us


Created to acknowledge and celebrate the myriad differences and similarities among us as sentient beings of the universe, capable of profound love.

Color: Cream to Red
Fragrance: Bergamot + Jasmine + Cypress

Aliens of the Earth


Created in loving support of all beings of our world, compassionately acknowledging the alienation that we sometimes feel.

Color: Cream to Green
Fragrance: Red Cedar + Rosemary + Lavender

jumper maybach artist in studio

powerful story. powerful art. powerful impact

About Jumper Maybach®

Jumper Maybach began his mission in 2010 after having experienced discrimination at the workplace for his sexual orientation. Today he creates art from a healed place. Each of his works serves as a beacon to end bullying, intolerance, and hate in the world, allowing for unconditional acceptance and the freedom to be who you are.

Seek LOVE, PEACE, and HAPPINESS, and watch hate disappear forever.®

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